Managing your business is a life long commitment with measurable rewards. Aveda helps you every step of the way with energetic instructors, hands-on activities and life-changing experiences – all designed to help your career thrive.


Dedicated support from the Aveda Education Team

These cutting-edge educators are the heart and soul of Aveda – with a passion for lifelong learning and the desire to inspire, create and change.

Knowledge comes in many forms from our Congress & Master Jam Shows that inspire network-wide, to personal development of specialized classes to intimate in-location coaching and purefessional-led workshops, education is an essential part of Aveda.


Why it’s important:

With the needs of your clients, and your craft constantly changing, you’ve discovered it’s not enough to just keep up—you need to lead. That’s why Aveda education inspires new ways of thinking. We offer you and your staff the means to think more creatively about techniques, trends and best business practices. You learn from the best, to become your best.


How it’s done:

Aveda education is where you want it—in your city or salon, from basic to advanced to Aveda Business College. And it’s inspiration-driven—with network-wide events, and award-winning instruction by industry stars. Plus, our more than 400 Institute graduates per year make an extraordinary talent pool.

• Aveda Institutes: Your pipeline in recruiting the industry’s freshest talent.

• In-salon, local and regional classes: Training that keeps your team’s day-to-day talent up-to-date (customized for your region). Classes include:

– Technical in-salon/spa training — from cut, style and hair color to makeup, skin, spa and customer service, all taught by Aveda purefessionals.

• Aveda Advanced Academies: Our international proving grounds—in New York, London, Berlin, Toronto and Vancouver—for the finest industry artists. We nurture technical skills to inspire innovation to the fullest.

• International events: Our local and global shows, featuring acclaimed Guest Artists who expand on—or explode—the technical and inspirational currents in your industry.

Examples: Aveda Congress, Spa Connect, Master Jam.™

• Technical training materials: Videos, DVDs and learning curriculum specifically designed to support your on-site training programs—and the pace at which your team learns.

• Aveda Business College: A comprehensive business development program created by successful beauty entrepreneurs—in both the salon and spa industries—  that gives you all the tools you need to take your vision to new levels. Over several sessions, you’re given greater insight and proven growth strategies—based on the 4 principles of sustainability.


Why Aveda Institute?


The Cutting Edge Curriculum

Aveda is the only major beauty brand that has a complete education system with dedicated programs for the latest techniques and trends in hairstyling and salon business development to make sure that you are always on top of your game in this industry.


The Aveda Brand

Aveda is the first beauty company manufacturing hair and skin care products with organic, plant-based alternatives to synthetic chemicals found in mosthair care products and packaging with 100% certified wind power. Our schools are designed and run eco-consciously to create a better, safer space for our guests, our employees and the Earth.


The Endless Opportunities

With our 95% career placement rate and the Aveda network of over 7,000 salons/spas, institutes and stores in over 20 countries worldwide graduates of our hairstyling programs can go anywhere their talent takes them.


The Industry Innovators

Be inspired by the top hairstylists and beauty industry leaders that call Aveda home. Learn from these world-renowned global hair artists at special editorial hairstyling workshops, industry events and Aveda Advanced Academy classes held across the world.


 400 students graduate annually across Canada


Whether you're fresh on the scene or a seasoned professional, we've designed courses that challenge and inspire every skill level.


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